I went to the Serenity of Summer tour in Albuquerque last Sunday. It was hot but a killer show. All bands were top notch that day considering the extreme heat. The fans stood strong too.

The line up for the tour is: Korn, Stone Sour, Baby Metal, Yelawolf, and Islander. Pure entertainment the whole damn evening. I had the opportunity to pop-in on Brian “Head” Welch of Korn in their warm stuffy dressing room. The band was working on a new intro and couldn’t really come to terms on what they wanted to do. Other than that the atmosphere was chill as was Head. Ray, Munky, and Fieldy were in and out of the room while we talked. The band’s physical therapist even hung out to chat with us. My sister was also there with me which made the session even better. Korn is all about family so it worked out perfectly.

Here’s just a small portion of our conversation. I kept the stuff YOU would care about and left out some of the crap you wouldn’t. You’re welcome. Thanks to Brian, Korn, their crew, and the guys from Roadrunner for everything.
I’ve also included some photos and video from that night.

How Korn walks into the room…

It was also the day before Head’s birthday so they celebrated on stage. I stole this video because it’s a bit better than mine.