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1. Favorite album – For nostalgia.. you can check out my “First album you ever bought” section… as far as favorite? That’s an impossible question…. Tools “Aenima”, Sublime “40 oz” and Brant Bjork “Jalamanta”.. are probably the most listened to albums in my collection.

2. Favorite concert ever – Tough one as well… so many shows (not to brag, but that’s why I got into the business… I couldn’t afford ticket’s, so free shows was a BIG perk (and now… like some F’ED up twilight zone twist, I can’t make it to many show’s cuz i gotta be up by 4am… WTF?… I hate you cruel irony) but Tool @ the Mammoth (now Fillmore) just before the band blew up… Maynard painted blue… that was pretty cool… VH w/ Diamond Dave was a dream come true, as was AC/DC on the black ice tour (1st time i ever got a chance to see those guys)… one of the first ever Audioslave show’s was cool… plus as a kid.. one of the few “original” guns N roses shows, front row at a Bodycount show (ice T was still cool then)… even my first concert ever… ’89 @ red rocks me, my best friend Andy… with Cinderella, Bulletboys, and…. oh god no!!!! winger… that’s still a great concert memory… so to answer your question… i don’t know.

3. Favorite porn star – anyone who stared in “Juranalmo!” or the cinema classic… “MUFFUGNUGEN”… they are all worth my praise.

4. Collects – got a good comic book collection from when I was a kid, some football cards, beer & tequila bottles (mostly empty), and a great music collection (so says me) but now a day’s, like most adults, I collect bills… got a huge collection too!

5. First album you ever bought – I can remember getting my first boom box, got my parents to pick up the tab… with cassette’s of Jackson’s “Thriller” and Duran Duran “Arena”… cuz everyone had the Jackson album… and there was a girl I liked who had a Duran Duran button…. so I figured yeah… I’m a wild boy… let’s go…. (little did i know only a couple of girls dug Duran…. the rest were gay men… who knew?”…. anyway the parents wouldn’t buy me the metal so I was forced to steal from the super target…. Anthrax “I’m the man” ep, Judas priest “Ram it down” w/ Johnny B. Goode (from the movie of the same name… starring the Griswold kid from vacation #1), and Joe Satriani’s “Surfin with the Alien” were the first I can remember stuffin’ down my sweatpants.

6. Dream ride – Own it…. 2006 Jeep TJ Rubicon Unlimited… last of the TJ’s… stretched to hold dogs & gear… and the last appearance of the greatest motor ever… JESUS… just kidding… the 242 cu in, 4.0 liter Straight Six… sure it gets 10MPG in the city… but it’s not like I’m gonna be around when the world implodes… right?

7. Butt man? Boob man? Leg man? Why? – I like them all… as long as they are properly wrapped and bagged as to not mess up my trunk.

8. If you weren’t a jock, what would you be doing? – Camera man for COPS… dream job… good guy/ bad guy all at once…. that dream is what got me to PPCC and eventually the job here at KILO… crazy how life works.

9. Describe yourself in 9 words – supa cala fraga listic ex pee ali do shus. it’s latin for “the man who started “Bieber fever””