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1. First album you ever bought? OVERKILL – The Years of Decay.

2. Favorite concert ever? Rammstein. In the UK at Download Festival!

3. Last meal you would eat if you were on death row? Sushi and red Swedish fish

4. Collects?  Anything with a skull on it

5. What is one thing you’d never do again? Ride a rollercoaster

6. Dream ride? One of those rad death buggies in Mad Max

7. If you could go back in time, what year would you travel to?  1983 so I could see Judas Priest & Motley Crue at the US Festival

8. If you weren’t a jock, what would you be doing? I’d run away and join the circus!

9. Describe yourself in 9 words? East Coast Loud Aggressive Dog Loving Brutal Driven Metalhead