GET BRIEFED: THE KILO ROCK FEED 2/17/17 (rock news, rumors, and leaks all in one place)

Here’s the latest from the wide world of rock:

A Bolivian metal loving couple has gone and done what we’ve all wanted to do but didn’t have the metal juevos to do it. They’ve named their child, Iron Maiden. Iron Maiden Duran Ruiz was born on February 1st. His dad said, “It has a lot to do with Eddie The Head of IRON MAIDEN. “I want my son to have that strength, that energy. I want him to fight for what he wants, to have the attitude and, above all, to be mentally strong.”

Ozzy Osbourne will be performing at the Moonstock music festival in Illinois this August. It’s being held this year during a solar eclipse. On the final day at 1:20pm Ozzy Osbourne will be performing “Bark At The Moon,” while the eclipse is going down. So intense, man!

METALLICA is featured in a new trailer for an Apple Music series that’s a spin-off of The Late Late Show with James Corden segment: Carpool Karaoke. The new series will feature different artists and celebrities hosting and joining in Carpool Karaoke. If you want a tease of Metallica singing a Rihanna song with Billy Eichner check it out: