Metallica Takes Over Jimmy Kimmel

The build up to Metallica’s 12th studio album ’72 Seasons’ was awesome and if you’re asking me, completely lived up to all of the hype! From the singles you hear over your KILO airwaves like ‘Lux Aeterna’ or ’72 Seasons’ to the heavy hitters like ‘Chasing Light’ or ‘Shadows Fallow’, this album is front to back left to right awesome!

The lead up to the release was unique to Metallica as I’m hard pressed to find another band who could do what Metallica has done leading into this album. From the random announcement of the album, a new single, and a tour announcement out of nowhere, to taking over Jimmy Kimmel all week last week with awesome live performance.

That’s what we are here to check out today. Not only did Metallica put out a sweet album, but these old(er) guys can absolutely still jam and that is awesome to see as we approach the ‘No Repeat Weekend’ Tour.

Here is Metallica ripping up the late night TV setting.

MONDAY – Lux Aeterna


TUESDAY – Holier Than Thou 


WEDNESDAY – Master of Puppets


THURSDAY – If Darkness Had a Son


All four performances led up to the midnight release of ’72 Seasons’ in a fashion that really only Metallica could pull off.

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