Nick Menza was a bad a$$ and here’s proof (video) #RIPNICKMENZA

Sunday morning we all woke to the terrible news of the passing of ex-Megadeth drummer, Nick Menza. He collapsed onstage while jamming with his band, Ohm in a jazz club in California. He was pronounced D.O.A. at the hospital. Gone at 51 years old and that’s way too soon!

Nick played on some of Megadeth’s most successful albums including, “Rust in Peace,” “Countdown to Extinction,” and “Youthanasia.”

Check out this incredible promo video with Nick Menza playing “Holy Wars” solo:

And of course the actual “Holy Wars” video which features a completely shirtless, Megadeth. I LOVE THIS VIDEO!

Watch this drum cam type video of Megadeth live in ’90 doing “Rattlehead”