Metallica’s M72 No Repeat Weekend – Stop One Complete

Metallica kicked off their M72 No Repeat Weekend World Tour in Amsterdam this last week proving that even once you hit your 60s, you can still absolutely jam out.

This tour is “No Repeat” to the maximum as attendees will see two entirely different sets out of Metallica, but also entirely different openers on each night as well.

Metallica will be on the road until the end of September where the boys will wrap up FOUR shows in Mexico.

With the tour officially underway, I am fully prepared to (virtually) follow Metallica through this entire process.

For now… let’s check out some of the coolest parts of the Amsterdam days from people who were there themselves!


(ok so that one is from April 18, but it’s awesome and includes the live debut for the title track!)

(There are more night one videos HERE)


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