Metallica Band Members Discuss ’72 Seasons’

Metallica has been absolutely damaging our ear holes for more than 40 years. In the cool ways.

When listening to their latest album, ’72 Seasons’, I think it’s important to remember that these guys are all pushing 60 years old.

It may seem like some of our favorite metal bands will eventually find themselves wanting to slow things down and pick up more acoustic guitars and some sort of hand drums, but Metallica still hits us with the double bass and filthy riffs that make our faces distort with bangs of the head almost involuntary.

It’s always nice to get a little peek into the brains of these guys and these latest interviews give us a real nice look into what went into this latest album.

James Hetfield:

Kirk Hammett:

Robert Trujillo:

*Will update when Lars’ releases*

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