WATCH: Metallica Performs ‘Lux Aeterna’ for the First Time at Benefit Concert

This past Friday, December 16, Metallica took stage at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles.

This show was a stand alone charity event working with the band’s ‘All Within My Hands’ Foundation.

While tickets sold out quickly, lives streams were available on different platforms. If you’re anything like me and work at night, maybe you missed it.

Well have no fear! I donned my hardhat and dove into the depth of the internet to mine these videos out so you could check them out!

(Don’t tell Lars!)

Would it really be a true first performance of a new Metallica jam if Lars didn’t need to stop and fix a cymbal in the first 3 seconds of the song?

‘Lux Aeterna’

Metallica’s first time performing ‘Borderline’ by Thin Lizzy

‘All Within My Hands’

‘Call of Ktulu’