Contest Rules: Cash Bomb 2020

Description of Promotion/Participation.

  1. The Rock Station 94.3 KILO and Granite Transformations may be referred to as “The Sponsors” from this point forward.

  2. Dates of Promotion: The Promotion will begins on 10/1/20 and ends on 10/30/20.

  3. How to Enter: No Purchase Necessary

a. 94.3 KILO will promote the event through live liner reads, recorded promos and social media pages.

b. For listeners to get entered, person(s) must qualify on the air while listening for the “Cash Bomb” cue – to – call. When heard the listener must be caller number nine (9) through the KILO request line.

  1. Final determination of winner: only one (1) winner

a. On Friday, October Thirtieth (30th) from Six (6) am to Seven (7) pm KILO will pull names from the qualifier box and call them to play KILOs “Cash Bomb”. Qualifier will then get a chance to pick a covd-care package prize or play the Cash Bomb where they can win a minimum of Ninety-Four Dollars ($94) or win up to One – Thousand Dollars ($1,000). Money courtesy of the The Sponsor.

  1. Prize(s): The prizes that will be awarded are: 1. Varied amounts of money per Qualifier starting with a minimum of Ninety – Four Dollars ($94) and maxing out at One-Thousand Dollars ($1,000).