Cliff Burton Day 2023

February 10, 1962 the world was given Cliff Burton.

This has now become an official holiday in Burton’s hometown of Castro Valley, California and is celebrated in the greater Alemeda County area.

The YouTube Channel of Nicholas Gomez does a live stream every year on this day with conversations with Burton’s family members, and other members from his past who share stories and talk about the greatness that is Cliff Lee Burton.

Once the stream is available, that will be available right here on this page!

For Friday’s Mandatory Metallica (7p) we will also have a small celebration for this absolute bad ass!

There are also shirts available that will be shipping out soon and benefit the Cliff Burton Music Scholarship that is awarded by the Burton family.

Shirt link is right HERE



Be sure to join Sheriff Joe Bags every weekday night at 7pm for Mandatory Metallica. Check out some Metallica tunes and get the size of your Metallica brain increased!!!