A TikToker Found the chili recipe from “The Office” in Peacock’s Terms and Conditions

Now is your chance to try it--just try not to drop it!

A sharp-eyed Tiktoker named Mckenzie Floyd (@mckenziefloyd) was casually strolling through Peacock’s Terms and Conditions (go to #9,) and stumbled upon this easter egg: A chili recipe from The Office. “Kevin’s famous chili” is famous among Office fans, featured in the comedy cold open to the episode “Casual Friday,” and recreated IRL by numerous people. This isn’t the first time Peacock has pulled something like this. When the platform first launched in 2020, the terms and conditions included a recipe for chocolate cake.

@mckenziefloyd Is it because no one ever reads these?? 😂 @Peacock TV ♬ original sound – Mckenzie Floyd