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Zakk : Urban Dictionary Definition’s

1. Zakk
Sexy, cool, and funny, Zakk may be the perfect person. He loves to skate and knows how to treat a lady, he is very romantic and sex crazed. He is good at everything, but not Amazing at anything but random things like Guitar Hero. Chances are if you are a Zakk, you have a big d**k and know how to use it.
“Zakk is the best thing that has ever happened to me.”

2. Zakk
An amazingly hot boy who has a great sense of humer, perfect personallity, and a spectacular bass player. Is obsessed with rare celebrities, but it makes him more amazing. Is a BIG flirt- but is still loved VERY much by his girlfriend.
“Wow! Zakk is amazingly perfect!”

3. Zakk
sassy gay friend
Classmate: Is that a girl?
Girl: No, that’s my friend, Zakk.

4. Zakk
the best boyfriend ever. Even though we have our arguments, you always come back to me becuase you love me for my sweet personality and I love you for your sweet and loving personality. You always know how to cheer me up and you always know when something is wrong or when im im upset. I love when you call me your cuddlebug:) I love you forever and always!
“I love my boyfriend Zakk because he cheers me up when he deguises his voice as the grinch and makes me laugh!

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