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WWzD? #6

I apologize as I’ve ignored this series for reasons I can not legally type. Fortunately the new year has brought new loop-holes and my infinite wisdom is now available again. Be the sponge.

A few previous questions can quickly be found here, here and here. Feel free to e-mail your question to me here.


I’m a 53 year old male with high cholesterol. the doc has me on Lipitor. Curious if you have any other suggestions to help lower it besides “Rocking”?

Thanks. Mike Sr.

Mike –

My suggestion is to focus on 3 habits over the next 3 months to help reach your goal. The 3 habits are diet changes, light exercise and supplements.

Start with diet. More fresh fruits & vegetables are a big advantage in your diet. Besides providing warmth during these cold months, add beans to your diet; garbonzo, kidney, lima and pinto are all good for lowering cholesterol. I your eating grains, try to make them “brown” in color. Dark Rye and Pumpernickel are good examples of bread to look for.

Exercise? Absolutely. Walk, swim, skip, Whatever helps.

Supplements are my third and over-looked advantage. Look for supplements high in fish oil, Psyllium and Soy protein. Take them with your Lipitor and obviously tell your doc all the supplements, vitamins and med’s you’re currently taking.

Hope this Helps. Take care. \z/

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