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WWzD #4


First I want to thank you for everything you do not just on-air but here in the advice department. My question is sexual in nature so I hope you’re ok with that. I’ve been dating my girlfriend for just over a year and the “magic” in the bedroom has disappeared. We’re both fairly experienced but after a rough couple of months we’re ready for something new so last night we started discussing new fantasies, positions, etc. After a few suggestions back and forth, she mentioned “donkey-punching” me during sex. She assured me that I would love it. Again, I’ve been to a few bedroom rodeo’s but “donkey-punching” is a new one. I’m assuming it doesn’t involve bestiality as she doesn’t like animals but the “punching” has me curious what she has in mind. Any idea’s?



Jame’s –

Thanks for reaching out. Most couples are not willing to take the time to talk out their differences so you’re already on the right track! To answer your question, if you bruise easily, you may want to pass. Let me know how things go.


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