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From the stations vending machine… Here’s a list of the “Treats”…

A1 : Frito Lay “Munchies” Snack Mix
A3 : Empty
A5 : TGI Friday’s “Cheddar and Bacon Potato Skins” Chips (tg I don’t eat tgif’s)
A7 : Empty
B1 : Oreo “Golden”
B3 : Kellog’s Strawberry “Fruity Snacks”
B5 : Knott’s Raspberry “Shortbread Cookies”
C1 : Snickers
C2 : Twix
C3 : Kit Kat
C4 : Hershey’s (with almonds)
C5 : M&M’s
C6 : Rova’s “Chocolate Almond” Bar
C7 : Butterfinger
C8 : Baby Ruth
D1 : Peterson’s “Salted Nut Roll” (only at KILO)
D2 : Keebler “Jumbo Fudge Stick”
D3 : Empty
D4 : Special K Bar
D5 : Double B “Salami Sticks” (really? who eats these?)
D6 : Skittles
D7 : Fiber One Bar
D8 : Natures Way “Sweet-n-Salty” Granola Bar
F1 : Famous Amos Chocolate Chip Cookies
F2 : Big Texas Cinnamon Roll
F3 : Pop Tarts Strawberry
F7 : Pop Tarts Blueberry
G1 : Empty
G2 : Empty
G3 : Empty
G4 : Empty

The “Trick” usually involves having your coins disappear and no “Treats” sent down the chute…

Tuesday the 11th. 9:43am. Tomorrow’s post will introduce you to a person that some would say was pure evil and others would say was purely fascinating…

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