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The Rock Business

Back to the jay-oh-bee… I hope the start of the new year has been prosperous for most of you so far this year.

Over the holidays with elbows resting on the bar with the mountain locals, I decided to change my “how I scrape a living” answer to the common question…

“What do you do?”

“I’m in the rock business”

“Your a geologist?”

“No, I spread rock”

“Landscaping and excavating work? Like gravel and stuff?”

“No, not that type of rock. The pure stuff.

“Pure like diamonds or pure like un-cut”

“Better, pure like Tool”



While I was out, “Stick-It-To-Santa” started. KILO’s after-the-holidays-holiday-give-away. Flat screen, X-Box, surround system, Stone Sour tickets, $94 in spirits and bunch of other cool stuff you can win. Details and a shot to qualify during the Rock Lunch today. Also, KILO’s “Madden-Bowl” is back. There’s a few AFC spots up for grabs tomorrow morning with Ross. NFC sign-ups will start Thursday morning. Rock Lunch this week serves up lunch for two at Rock Bottom Brewery and Southside Johnny’s.

9:34am Monday January 7th

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