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T Minus 2

One of the benefits of staying employed is vacation. Nine years rewards me with over four weeks of hooky. I’ll be burning another four days starting Wednesday just in case your keeping track.

On the flip, I need to get four days of work done over the next two days. Time to out-source.

Oh yeah… over the weekend I decided videos encouraging people to improve their health would be a “healthy” addition to this blog. So demonstrations on stretching, jogging, jumping rope, jumping on trampolines, etc. will start showing up here from time to time… We’ll start with a video on yoga.

Up for grabs this week…

1. Volbeat guestlist tomorrow. Tattoo Tuesday too.
2. “94 Daze of Summer” final give-away Thursday.
3. Down guestlist Friday.
4. Elitch Gardens tix all this week during The Rock Lunch.

Monday. Nine forty three. In the morning. Rock.

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