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What’s up KILO nation!? I’m Samantha but most people call me Sam. I am an Air Force brat and have had the wonderful opportunity of living and traveling the US and Europe thanks to both of my parents. I’ve lived in Colorado Springs for 10 years now and have been rocking to KILO ever since. I love all genres of music especially whatever fits my current mood and situation. Thanks to KILO (winning a trip to ROTR) and my charisma I have had the opportunity to meet different bands including my favorite band, Halestorm, twice!

I am the office manager for a local commercial flooring contractor, Rampart Tile Company, and I do it all! I’ve worked in this industry for seven years and there is never a dull moment. I also have my own home based business that I love because I get to help people find easy ways to cook at home!

Besides cooking I enjoy hanging out with friends and drinking beer, going to a good concert to listen to live music, playing pool and enjoying all that Colorado has to offer when my busy schedule allows. I also do yoga to help calm my inner feistyness!

So, that’s me in a nutshell…a down to earth gal that likes to rock. Thanks KILO nation, and my mom, for voting for me!

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