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Born on a chilly, January.. New England morn. Sid Black emerged poised to conquer the rock the world would indubitably lay before his chin whiskers. He trained dusk to dawn hardheartedly with one thought in mind: “This Rock, Isn’t Going To Rock Itself”. In his formidable years he sharpened his skills with the likes of Pantera, Black Sabbath and Slipknot knowing that the power he would need to helm would not come without a few bodies dropped in the pit and heinous neck pain from countless hours of head banging. Many years forward, the training had been completed and the airwaves of KILO radio approached with thunderous rapport. Though not completely ready for the task at hand, he stood tall and was primed to collect the attention of the KILO rockers. Many moons have passed, kings have born and fallen but one thing remains: Sid Black is a mere mortal with two kneecaps, two elbows, one nose, ten toes, ten fingers, two ears, a set of brown eyes and the sole purpose to remain seated..talk non-sense and eat tacos every opportunity within his grasp. He is, and always will be, the bare chested Fabio on the cover of your rock novel…

Sid Black

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3/26 Pure Rock Report *Bonus*

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Footage has surfaced of a 1995 Whiskey A Go-Go performance of Metallica suited up as The Lemmy’s.   Metallica ripped through a set of Motorhead classics while dressed in long black wigs and Lemmy attire.  All of it for the 50th birthday celebration of the legendary frontman.  Watch below..may take you back a few…...

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3/22 Pure Rock Report *Bonus*

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The cover art and release date for Alice In Chains’ new record The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here has been revealed. The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here will arrive May 14th. Track listings as follows: * Voices * Low Ceiling * Stone * The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here * Hollow * Lab Monkey * Hung On A Hook * Pretty Done * Breath On A Window * Choke * Phantom Limb...

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3/21 Pure Rock Report *Bonus*

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Marilyn Manson doing his best Bruce Wayne outside a movie premiere this week.  Not wanting to be photographed by paparazzi he pulled the pin on a smoke bomb leaving some in awe and one moron in fear of fire.  Video below.   Marilyn Manson on tour this summer with Alice Cooper with a Red Rocks show booked for June 3rd. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=Ozd-ngj62CA -sb-...

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3/20 Pure Rock Report *Bonus*

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Trent Reznor has released a documentary chronicling the 1994-96 Self Destruct tour.  Orginally the footage was in VHS format and titlted Closure.  Reznor has been very vocal about NIN lately with plans of re-issuing the full catalogue and even bring the band out of retirement by the start of next year.  Check out Closure Part One: Self Destruct below....

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3/19 Pure Rock Report *Bonus*

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The Rockstar Mayhem Festival has released the 2013 line-up.  Rob Zombie will return to the Mayhem stage as this years headliner with Main Stage being supported by Five Finger Death Punch, Mastodon, and Amon Amarth. Tickets for the July 7th Fiddlers Green show can be purchased HERE (after 3/22)....

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