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1. First album you ever bought?
Cher’s “Believe” single. Sincerely not the one I wanted, but mom suggested it cause she loved the song, and I just couldn’t say no, because I pretended to really like it too. I left Independent Records a little sad that day.

2. Favorite concert ever?
When I was barely a teen, my bestfriend and I would religiously go to the old 32 Blu downtown and watch local punk band The Mansfield’s perform. The first time I attended their Ramones tribute… favorite concert ever!

3. Last meal you would eat if you were on death row?
The face of my enemy. I’m kidding. Probably Steak – with ketchup. Fight me.

4. Collects?
Shwag. I love t-shirts, stickers, shot glasses, etc. I’m such a groupie.

5. What is one thing you’d never do again?
Drink vodka

6. Dream ride?
An old school truck, 60s Chevy

7. If you could go back in time, what year would you travel to?
Could I go to a decade? Like one before i was born. Take me to the 50s!

8. If you weren’t a jock, what would you be doing?
Probably UFC

9. Describe yourself in 9 words?
Bad to the bone, ba ba ba ba bad.

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