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Recap Of The 11am Hour

In case you missed the last 60 minutes;

It Started with Devour The Day’s “Good Man” followed by “When Your Hearing Metallica You Know It’s 94-3 KILO” which then was followed by “One”. When “One” ended I talked about the new album from Chevelle and how’s it’s KILO’s “Pick o’ The Litter” for May at Independent Records. Played the new track from it “Take Out The Gunman”. “94-3 KILO The Rock Station” aired after Chevelle into a request for Everlast’s “Letters Home From The Garden Of Stone”. Then it was “Riff-After-Riff-After-Riff, KILO Rocks” before rockin’ our foundation with Van Halen’s “Unchained”. I needed to give-away some tickets to the Hed PE & Soil show Sunday night so I did right before playing the new acoustic Sevendust “Black” from their new acoustic disc “Time Travelers & Bonfires”. “The Rock Station 94-3 KILO” played after Sevendust with “Voodoo” by Godsmack next. Post “VooDoo” I talked about Godsmack finishing their new album, gave a shout-out to Winter Whittington for scoring the Hed PE/Soil tickets then reminded everyone that KILO’s next 94 cent Gas Riot is this Wednesday. Time to “Pay some bills”. Bills paid it was “Back To The Rock 94-3 KILO” with Mudvayne’s “Do What You Do” via e-request. Then I decided to play Idaho bred “We As Human” and their new track “Take The Bullets Away”. When “Take The Bullets Away” faded out, I talked about the up-coming “Rock Lunch” and what would I would give to the winner of “Local? or Lie??”. A few more “Bills to pay” followed by a reminder on the rules for winning on KILO. Forget to play Korn for a friend so “Falling Away From Me” just finished and it’s now “Rock Lunch” time…


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