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Ox’s Blog: Hump The Covers Off with Breaking Benjamin – Enjoy The Silence

Kilo’s 4th Annual Fall Brawl is right around the corner, November 7th, at the Broadmoor World Arena. We have all heard Bad Wolves cover of Zombie a thousand times, and Five Finger Death Punch is well known for covers from their recent cover of Gone Away to House of the Rising Sun, and their homage of Bad Company. However Breaking Benjamin is not a band that has many covers in it’s past, and the cover I am featuring today, Enjoy The Silence, is one that they don’t even want you listening too! Shallow Bay is a very sensitive phrase for Ben Burnley, lead singer of Breaking Benjamin. The greatest hits album titled Shallow Bay: The Best of Breaking Benjamin, from 2011, was not authorized by Burnley and is the reason that the band disbanded!

Two of the original band members worked with Hollywood Records, the bands label at the time, to produce the greatest hits album without Burnley’s knowledge. Well once he found out about it he wasn’t too happy, sued the band members, and eventually ended up with all of the rights to the name Breaking Benjamin. The band was already on hiatus starting in 2009 and would not release an album of new material, and with entirely new band members outside of Burnley, until 2015’s Dark Before Dawn. Burnley has publicly stated that he had nothing to do with Shallow Bay, had no say over how the songs were mastered before they were released and does not consider the album to be an official Breaking Benjamin release. That being said there are two covers on the second disc of the album, only available on the deluxe edition, a cover of Queen’s Who Wants To Live Forever and Depeche Mode’s Enjoy The Silence. Of the two covers I like the Depeche Mode cover more, so hit play and enjoy, just don’t do it if Benjamin Burnley is nearby!

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