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Ox’s Blog: Flashback Friday ‘Memeber the Hoobastank Burrito at Denny’s?

I just read some news that Hoobastank signed a new contract with a record label out of Australia, so that means that new music might be coming, but more importantly it reminded me that the band worked with Denny’s on their own burrito back in 2008. The Hooburrito was imagined by the band as the result of “[a] slice of BBQ chicken pizza married [with] the perfect burrito.” I know, it doesn’t sound good to me either, which is probably why it didn’t last long. I never tried the Hooburrito but I remember hearing about. Who knows, if Hoobastank get popular with their new music, and the local Denny’s reopen, we might get some kind of new horrible food hybrid! The Hoobasteak and eggs with a side of pop rocks?

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