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Meet Waldo!!!!

Welcome to your source for Waldo Updates!!!!

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Hello my name is Waldo and I am a pretty amazing Bengal Tiger cub at Serenity Springs Wildlife Center, I came from another facility that rescued my parents. Serenity Springs Wildlife Center
came along and are now providing me my FOREVER home…

Life has been pretty exciting for me since my arrival, I got to go on a visit to KILO and they fell totally in love with me!!! They have adopted me how exciting is that!!! KILO did an amazing fundraiser for 2 non-profits of which Serenity Springs Wildlife Center was one of, we are all so very grateful for this opportunity. I got to meet everyone at both KILO and RXP and even got to be on the radio with Ross (woooo hoooo) AND… I got to meet the amazing guys from Hoobastank who were very cool and did an amazing concert for us!!! It has been really awesome getting to meet and educate new people on not just Tigers but all of the animals that also call Serenity Springs Wildlife Center their FOREVER HOME…

Things at Serenity Springs Wildlife Center have been great, I have a nice big enclosure that I share with my friends Synder and Mohan, we have a really awesome new concrete den that keeps us warm in the winter and cool in the summer, lots of fun toys to play with and yummy food to eat!!! I feel really grateful for what I have and for the people that sponsor and love me!!!


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