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Maynard Talks about New Record


Since 2007, every piece of music (not including guest appearances) released by Maynard Keenan has been with Puscifer. In 2007, the musical collective unveiled the full-length ‘”V” is for Vagina’ and their ‘Don’t Shoot the Messenger’ EP. Puscifer’s second album, ‘Conditions of My Parole,’ saw the light of day in 2011, and before cult Keenan fans will hear new material from Tool or A Perfect Circle, Puscifer will be releasing their ‘Donkey Punch the Night’ EP on Feb. 19, 2013.

Although Keenan is the only official member of Puscifer, the some of the ultra-talented musicians featured on ‘Conditions of My Parole’ seem to be sticking around. “I think there’s definitely some solid cornerstones in place now with Josh and Matt and seemingly so with Carina,” reveals Keenan. “So as time goes forward, we’re pretty happy with this particular set of people although they all have their day jobs so if we have to call on others. It’s definitely a flexible project that can accommodate that.”

Keenan also spoke about how the band chose to approach a cover of ‘Bohemian Rhapsody.’ “We had a couple of bugs up our butt to mess around with ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ and I had fun with it,” says Keenan. “It’s one of my favorite songs so it’s almost like karaoke, but for real … We did a straight cover. There’s nothing broken about that song and we tried to respect the original format as closely as we could, but of course it’s going to have our signature on it.”

Additionally, Keenan revealed that Puscifer, a 100% independent project, may even turn ‘Donkey Punch the Night’ into a full-length record. “We have a few things on the back burner but the project has always been of the mind to release a couple of tracks at a time. The last album [‘Conditions of My Parole’] was a bit of a departure from that, because we were on a roll and we were like ‘screw it, let’s finish an album’. We’ll probably just record a couple more songs and put them out at the end of the year or start of 2013. But if we end up on a roll and we get more songs in the pipe, we’ll definitely finish an album.”

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