KILOs Top 30 Kountdown of 2020; Results

Below are the results for The Top 30 of 2020 Kountdown that aired on New Years Eve. Thanks to the KILO Rock Panel for putting it all together.. If you’re not a KILO Rock Panel member you can fix that now by clicking HERE.


30. The Violent “Fly On The Wall”

29. Corey Taylor “Hwy 666”

28. Crobot “Gasoline”

27. AC/DC “Shot In The Dark”

26. System Of A Down “Genocidal Humanoidz”

25. System Of A Down “Protect The Land”

24. Five Finger Death Punch “Living The Dream”

23. Trivium “Bleed Into Me”

22. Chris Cornell “Patience”

21. Bad Wolves “Learn To Walk Again”

20. Theory Of A Deadman “History Of Violence”

19. Gojira “Another World”

18. Theory Of A Deadman “World Keeps Spinning”

17. Bring Me The Horizon “Parasite Eve”

16. Fire From The Gods “Right Now”

15. Avatar “Colossus”

14. Rob Zombie “The Triumph Of King Freak”

13. Korn “Can You Hear Me”

12. In This Moment “As Above So Below”

11. TOOL “Pneuma”

10. Killswitch Engage “I Can’t Be The Only One”

9. The HU “Wolf Totem”

8. 10 Years “The Shift”

7. Starset “Trials”

6. Falling In Reverse “Popular Monster”

5. Seether “Dangerous”

4. Five Finger Death Punch “Inside Out”

3. Godsmack “Unforgettable”

2. Five Finger Death Punch “A Little Bit Off”

1. Slipknot “Nero Forte”