KILOs Cash Bomb

Cash Bomb 2021

Are you ready!? Your chance to score a limited KILO Prize or get your hands on cold hard cash is here!! KILOs Cash Bomb is on in 2021 with Woodmen Nissan and South Colorado Springs Nissan. Rock with KILO for the Cash Bomb cue-to-call; when you hear it be caller #9 to get qualified to compete in KILOs Cash Bomb, taking place all day Friday, October 29th! Qualifiers will get a chance to compete for a minimum of $94 and push their lucky all the way up to $1,000 or get too ahead of themselves, bomb out, and get nothing! KILO will also place one of a kind prizes in the Cash Bomb to sway your attention from the cash, to include:

A ’65 4K HDTV Courtesy of Thunder & Buttons

A Nintendo Swtich Courtesy of KD Toys & Customs

A Turntable w/ Stack of Vinyl Courtesy of Steel Pan PNP

Autographed Halestorm Guitar Courtesy of 3Hundred Days Of Shine

Autographed HELLYEAH Guitar Courtesy of Sunshine Studios