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Just saw In Time

In time is one of those movies that has a very interesting premise but unfortunately doesn’t make a very interesting movie. It is set in a world where people stop aging at 25 and after that, must work to earn enough time to stay alive. Time is their currency. They use time to purchase goods and services, a cup of coffee for instance costs 10 minutes. People steal time from each other just as people steal money in our world. When people run out of time, they die. Rich people can live forever, but poor people struggle to make it through the day. When Justin Timberlake ends up with more time than he knows what to do with, things get complicated.

Lots of the elements of the movie just don’t work. For starters, I’ve already seen too many movies where squeaky clean Justin Timberlake tries to play a tough guy and fails miserably. This is no exception. It’s also a movie that is set in the future but almost everything looks obsolete.

The interesting thing is that we can all relate to it. We’ve all said that time is money and we’ve all been in situations where time is more valuable than money. After all, time is one of the things that money cannot buy. It’s also reflective of todays economic situation. It makes you think about how the wealthiest 1% controls so much of the money, and many of the rest of us are scraping to get by.

Overall, if you’re feeling bored or somehow intrigued, it might be worth watching at home, but I’m afraid it’s not worth the money, or the time for that matter to see it in theaters.

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