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Finally Saw Immortals

Immortals is excellent. Without a doubt the most visually inventive film of the year. The rare movie that you can watch with the sound muted and still be wildly entertained.

It’s directed by one of my favorites, the great Tarsem Singh, who also directed the cell. Once again, his effects, transitions, lighting, sets and costuming are unparalleled. I’ve read of many comparisons to 300, but to be honest i think it’s even better. Better cinematography, better effects, and even better fights. Plus it’s much simpler. It’s easier to figure out who’s who and what they’re fighting for. Mickey Rourke, Frieda Pinto and Henry Cavill are excellent. Stephen Dorff won’t win any Oscars, but oh well.

I had felt that we had seen enough mythology related movies. 300 seemed to start a bandwagon that many of us hoped would end with last year’s Clash of the Titans. 300 and immortals are the films that get it right. Both are sure to be enjoyed by movie and mythology buffs alike. Definite must see.

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