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Dia Del Perro

Normally I’m amused with parents whose pets self-esteem is scarred by having to display any type of costume at any time of the year. Today I make the exception… Too cool.


Find me via Rocky Mountain HauntFest tonight 7 till 9pm… The Great Clips “Cut-A-Thon” on the Sabbath from 3 till 5pm.

The Great Clips broadcast is $5 haircuts with proceeds going to the Children’s Life Program at Memorial Hospital for Children. All 15 Springs/Pueblo Great Clips will be donating their talent for free from 2 till 5pm. $80,000 raised over the last 4 years during the “Cut-A-Thon”.

A $5 haircut and Karma for helping kids in the hospital? Sounds fair to me.

Bald? Thanks for letting the kids down… Naw, you’re good to, haircut or no haircut, everyone’s encouraged to swing by and drop off a few bucks.

8:27am. Headed to the station. Rock to serve. \m/


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