Mortal Kombat – Official Restricted Trailer

Oh man, you see that part where Scorpion was like; scchhnkkkk, Sub Zero was all; grrraaww and then Goro was all; ROOAARRRR? That was legit!  Mortal Kombat hits HBO Max and Theaters on Friday, April 16. -sb-

What If You Held in All Your Farts?

Getting you the tough answers to the toughest of're welcome! -sb-  

Could You Survive Home Alone?

Hear me out; Kevin McCallister, at the end of Home Alone is locked up for murdering Harry and Marv and is set free to roam the streets of NYC at the beginning of Home Alone 2 with a thirst for…

Mars In 4K

Damn look good... realllll good..-sb-

A Nerf Gun That Screams When You Shoot

Ahh, when dream becomes reality. The fine folks of the Hacksmith YouTube channel took a boring Nerf Gun and created the thrill ride that is the Screaming Gun from Borderlands 2.-sb-

Gojira - Live at Red Rocks

It was a once in a life time gathering for Opeth, Gojira and The Devin Townsend Project at the historic Red Rocks Amphitheater back in 2017. We'll now Gojira has released their full performance from that night and you can…