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Can I Borrow $429.95?

Gearing up for another trip… Have had my eye’s on this for some time…

The Nemo Morpho 2p


When properly inflated, NEMO’s airbeams can be considerably stronger than traditional aluminum tent poles. In testing, the larger Morpho airbeam withstood more than twice the downward force compared to a standard tent pole. One of the great advantages of airbeams is that even if you bend them all the way to the ground, they simply spring back into shape. Optimal air pressure for a NEMO airbeam is between 7 and 9 psi. NEMO pumps are designed to quickly deliver exactly the right amount of pressure.


In every AST™ tent, airbeams make tent setup fast and simple. Since airbeams are already connected to the tent, no extra assembly is required after the tent corners are staked. Simply attach the Quick-Disconnect valves and begin inflating the airbeam. NEMO’s AST™ also allows you to inflate the tent from inside during bad weather. After staking out your tent, get inside, and take your time pumping up the airbeam while staying dry.


AST™ tents can be packed into smaller and more irregularly shaped spaces than poled tents since there are no rigid elements. Leave your stuff sack at home, and stuff your AST™ tent in the empty nooks and crannies of your pack. The flexible pack size also means that more efficient packing can be possible in kayak and canoe hulls, bike panniers, or motorcycle saddle bags.


Many AST™ tents include a UVX window so you can check conditions outside without exposing yourself or your gear to the elements. The window is optically clear, non-yellowing, non-clouding, UV resistant, and remains flexible in cold temperatures.

Some AST™ tents includes a special pocket for your headlamp with a light diffusing fabric. Place your lamp in the pocket with the light facing towards the inside of the tent, and the Light Pocket™ will help cast an even glow throughout the tent interior.

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