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Tonight in BLOW IT OUT YOUR OZ I am giving you a couple of kickass collaborations!

“Goodbye Lament” is the third track and the first single from ‘IOMMI’ the debut solo album by Black Sabbath guitarist Tony Iommi that was released in 2000. It features Dave Grohl (Nirvana/Foo Fighters) on vocals and drums. And the legendary Brian May (Queen), plays some guitar on the track as well. Even though it was the big radio single, if I recall, it didn’t get all that much airplay. At least truly not the attention it deserved. (Except of course KILO is the exception because we played the hell out of it when it first came out! And we still do occasionally.)

“Stillborn” is a song from the 2003 Black Label Society album ‘The Blessed Hellride’. The song was also released as a single. Ozzy appears in the song on the chorus singing along with Zakk, though his name was not used to promote it. He is credited inside the CD booklet, however, due to Ozzy being on Sony Records at the time, Spitfire Records (Zakk’s label) was not allowed to promote this song with Ozzy’s name – instead a sticker on the cover of the album said “featuring special guest star” only! Zakk’s own vocal style sounded quite similar to Ozzy for this record, as he has had been singing backup for Ozzy for years when they worked together. Carrying Ozzy when he was ill or losing his voice while on tour.

The video was directed by Rob Zombie, featuring his signature style, zombies, war pigs and a regular female cameo, Rob Zombie’s smoking hot wife; Sheri Moon Zombie! Because as we all know, Rob puts her into everything he does. Hey, no complaints here! The idea for the video came while they toured together on Ozzfest.

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