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“Loner” is the third single from Black Sabbath’s 2013 studio album ’13’, the first being “God Is Dead?”. Although the album version did not chart, a live version of the song was officially released as a single via Black Sabbath’s YouTube channel on 17 October 2013. The live version, featuring touring-only member Tommy Clufetos on drums, was recorded in Melbourne, Australia at the beginning of May during their reunion world tour. The performance was the world premiere of the song. As well as being officially released on YouTube, the video was also featured along with the rest of the concert on the band’s album and film ‘Live… Gathered in Their Masses’.

“Life Won’t Wait” is the fourth track and third single off of Ozzy’s eleventh and final solo studio album ‘Scream’ released in 2010. This is a somewhat inspirational song and it’s meaning is exactly what it says, life wont wait. It’s passing you by, day by day, minute by minute and how you need to go out and live it to the fullest before it passes you by! Life is what you make of it so work hard for what you want and never take it for granted! (Ozzy has lived a full life, so he has a lot of wisdom to share! Are you listening?) The song was announced in the Production Notes, but not actually played during the end credits for the horror film Saw 3D.

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