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It’s one of the most notorious moments in rock history! In February of ’82, Ozzy Osbourne was arrested in San Antonio, Texas for urinating at a monument near the Alamo, dedicated to the lives of soldiers killed in the 1836 Texas Revolution. Over the years, this story has taken on mythic proportions, claiming that Ozzy actually peed on the Alamo! Contrary to popular belief though, he didn’t technically do it on the Alamo building itself, he took a leak within the Alamo Plaza, and he chose a pretty bad place. On Feb. 19, 1982 Ozzy was simply going about his normal business, partying like a rock star, and after several drinks too many he stumbled out into the street wearing a dress owned by his future wife Sharon Arden (since she had hidden his clothes to try and keep him from going out and getting into trouble) and he ended up emptying his full bladder on the nearest statue he could find. He had absolutely no idea he was standing at the city’s sacred 60-foot-high Cenotaph, located directly across from the Alamo building. Hell, he was barely in any condition to remember what city he was in, let alone where he was relieving himself.

Police arrested Ozzy, who spent part of the afternoon in a local jail on charges of public intoxication. He was freed later that evening on $40 bond and performed at the city’s Hemisfair Arena Convention Center. However, the concert was disrupted by angered fans who threw rocks because they were unable to get into the sold-out show. Twenty-four people were arrested for their part in the riot.

The combination of these two events prompted the city council to ban The Metal Madman from the Texas city for over a decade!

“Rock ‘n’ Roll Rebel” is the fourth track on Bark at the Moon, Ozzy’s third studio album originally released in November 1983. And you could say the song is pretty self explanatory. The Ozzman has been an outcast or a rock ‘n’ roll rebel his whole life! This album is the first to feature drummer Tommy Aldridge (Black Oak Arkansas, Whitesnake) and former Mickey Ratt and Rough Cutt guitarist Jake E. Lee, who replaced Randy Rhoads after his death a year earlier in a plane crash. He would later be relieved of duty in 1987, after touring with Ozzy in support of The Ultimate Sin album. He was completely caught off guard when he was fired in a telegram by Sharon Osbourne without reason. And Jake celebrated a birthday two days ago, he was born on February 15, 1957.

“Breakin’ All the Rules” is the fourth track on No Rest For The Wicked the fifth studio album by Ozzy. It was released in September 1988. And it is the recording debut of Zakk Wylde after parting ways with guitarist Jake E. Lee in ’87.

Ten years after his arrest for public intoxication and urination in San Antonio, Ozzy was pardoned in 1992 after he made a public apology to the city and donated $10,000 to the Daughters of the Republic of Texas, the organization that maintains the Alamo grounds. The city forgave him and Ozzy played two nights at the Freeman Coliseum, Oct. 1 and 2. (And of course don’t forget The Prince of Darkness will be playing the Pepsi Center in Denver on Oct. 2 with Stone Sour opening when the No More Tours 2 rolls through. Get all the info on the show and your tickets before they sell out on the KILO concert page!)

And while he’s since performed live in San Antonio, Ozzy actually returned to the Alamo landmark for the first time in 33 years when he and son Jack along with a History Channel documentary team took a tour of the historical monument. On an episode of “Ozzy & Jack’s World Detour” they returned to San Antonio, Texas on November 5, 2015 to again apologize for urinating on the Alamo Cenotaph in 1982.

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