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Angry Machines is the seventh studio album by Dio. It was released first in Japan on October 4, 1996 by Mercury Music Entertainment with 11 tracks and in the USA on October 15, 1996 on Mayhem Records but with only 10 tracks. The Japan only bonus track was titled “God Hates Heavy Metal.”

Angry Machines is more of a straightforward metal record, full of pounding rhythms and guitars along with plenty of wailing by Ronnie. It was the last studio album to feature original drummer Vinny Appice. Unfortunately though it was not well received by the fans or critics and even Wendy Dio, the wife/manager of Ronnie, said it was her least favorite for the Dio band. It was rumored that Ronnie himself later regretted releasing the album due to it being so far removed from his original sound and he felt that the subject matter contained in the lyrics was too angry!

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