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“Life Won’t Wait” is one of three singles off Scream, Ozzy’s eleventh (and so far his last) studio album released back in 2010. Originally titled Soul Sucka, the album was later changed to Scream. It is the only one to feature guitarist Gus G, who had replaced long-term guitarist Zakk Wylde (who by the way is now back in Ozzy’s band and they are scheduled to tour together soon!)

In the powerful chorus, Ozzy urges listeners to not simply watch life pass them by. “Every second you throw away, every second of every day, don’t get caught in a myriad, because life won’t wait for you,” “Every day that you wait, you’re falling faster, no sleight of hand, no twist of fate, no ever after. When it’s gone, it’s gone, a fight to the bitter end.” Some great advice from the Prince of Darkness. Only you can live your life. Go after those dreams or what you won’t and never give up!

“See You on the Other Side”, which was co-written by the late Lemmy Kilmister of Motörhead is the third single from Ozzmosis, Ozzy’s seventh solo studio album. After the release of his sixth album No More Tears in ’91, Ozzy announced that he would retire from music. However, he returned with Ozzmosis in 1995, which featured long-time guitarist Zakk Wylde as well as former Black Sabbath bassist Geezer Butler, drummer Deen Castronovo and keyboardist Rick Wakeman. In support of the album, Ozzy and his band went on the Retirement Sucks! Tour.

The song itself is open to a lot of interpretations and could have several meanings. One is that Ozzy has come to grips with his own mortality and realizes at some point he will have to transition over to the other side through death. It’s certainly about the pain of death and the hope of being reunited with family or friends on the ‘other side’. Some say he partly wrote it about his dear friend and guitarist the late great Randy Rhoads, or even about the great screaming comedian Sam Kinison, after he had passed away. Ozzy was really good friends with him too. This is my personally one of my favorite Ozzy songs. I don’t think it was just written to be dedicated to people he or they knew that had died but also as a some sort of inspiration to let everyone know that when someone does die don’t despair, you will get to meet up with them again. It’s really very inspiring in a way and I think of the loved ones I have lost and it has even been played at a funeral or two I have attended over the years and when my time has come I want it played at mine! Again in the end, it’s all about your interpretation of what it means to you.

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