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A few days ago a former top US military officer warned that the United States is now closer than it has ever been to nuclear war with North Korea. Tensions have been rising between North Korean’s Kim Jong-Un and President Trump who recently boasted that he has a bigger and more powerful ‘nuclear button’!

“Electric Funeral” is from Paranoid, Black Sabbath’s second studio album released in September of 1970 in the UK, and in the US on today’s date (Jan. 6) in 1971. This song is about a nuclear holocaust. And it’s just one of several songs on the Paranoid album with an apocalyptic tone. This one was most likely inspired by the fears of what would happen if the Cold War heated up. (Sabbath = the origin of doom metal!)

“Killer of Giants” comes off The Ultimate Sin, Ozzy’s fourth solo studio album released in February of ’86 and later remastered and re-issued in 1995. The actual working title for the album was Killer of Giants after the song, but Ozzy opted to change the title to The Ultimate Sin at the last minute. The song itself is also about the cold war. (Think Cuban Missile Crisis) Back when the Soviets and the U.S. were the only 2 major super powers. And in a tense standoff, they both had their nukes pointed at each other waiting for someone on either side to attack. Killer Of Giants!!! It is sung with a great sadness and concern by Ozzy and features some great riffs and guitar solo from Jake E. Lee.

Pay close attention to the lyrics… “If none of us believe in war, Then can you tell me what the weapon’s for, Listen to me everyone, If the button is pushed, There’ll be nowhere to run!” (Sound eerily familiar?) And it seems that nuclear war or holocaust was something that Ozzy worried about quite often over the years as he has revisited the theme several times in throughout different songs from Sabbath to other solo albums. The Ultimate Sin also features the song “Thank God For The Bomb” which too is pretty self explanatory.

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