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Zakk Wylde’s birthday is tomorrow, so tonight I decided to give you a couple of classic early tracks from his time with Ozzy which launched his career into super-rock-stardom!

“Miracle Man” is taken from Ozzy’s fifth solo album, No Rest For The Wicked, released in September of ’88. And “Wicked” will forever stand as an essential entry in the Ozzy Osbourne catalog for one very significant reason: it presented to the metal world the debut of a young guitar phenomenon by the name of Zakk Wylde. Just 21 years old at the time of the album’s release, Zakk would go on to serve as Ozzy’s right-hand man for almost 30 years and grew into one of the most dynamic, influential and well-respected guitarists in modern hard rock and heavy metal! “Miracle Man”, which was one of the highlight singles from the album and I beleive was one of the very first tacks Ozz and Zakk wrote together was aimed at disgraced televangelist Jimmy Swaggart! Ozzy gloats about his downfall since Swaggart had long attacked him as an agent of Satan, criticizing his music and condemning him, that is all before losing his ministry in a prostitution scandal! (HAHA-Hypocrite!)

Only the Prince of Darkness could record a hit song about a serial killer. “No More Tears” the title track from Ozzy’s super-successful sixth studio released in ’91 brought Ozzy back to musical life. It features a killer bass line by Bob Daisley and a head-crushing guitar riff and blazing solos from Zakk Wylde, as well as one of Ozzy’s best recorded vocal performances. But it is the song’s seamless segue in and out of a bizarre, what-if-the-Beatles-dropped-acid-and-played-metal bridge that truly shines in the song itself. The last solo is definitely one of Zakk Wylde’s finer moments. You might even say, over all the entire composition could be considered his magnum opus!

The track along with five other outstanding singles released helped making it one of Ozzy’s best-selling albums having been certified quadruple platinum! And the “No More Tears” was later rerecorded by Zakk Wylde as a bonus track on the second reissue of the Black Label Society album “Sonic Brew” as well as on its own promotional E.P. called the “No More Tears Sampler.”

This is the Black Label Society version of ‘No More Tears’ from the second reissue of the BLS album “Sonic Brew.”

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