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This is my last show on 94.3 KILO. Or is it? Either way it’s been hell of a lot of fun! Thank you ALL again for listening! YOU ROCK! \,,/

“Metal Will Never Die” is one of the last-known recorded songs by the late great Ronnie James Dio and it originally appears on “Bitten By The Beast”, the solo album from Dio’s cousin David “Rock” Feinstein — a former member of RONNIE DIO & THE PROPHETS, THE ELECTRIC ELVES, ELF, and the leader of the legendary New York band THE RODS. The track was later re-released on The Very Beast of Dio Vol. 2, greatest hits compilation in 2012.

This Tuesday, July 10, Ronnie would have turned 76! Of course he was taken from us far too soon, he passed away after his battle with stomach cancer in 2010 at the age of 67.

While it is true that I am leaving KILO and I won’t be on the air here anymore, I’m not moving or anything like that so I will still be around, out and about still going to shows here in town, listening to the station and stalking them on the streets just like you. So in fact KILO Nation, I will… see you on the other side… of the mic.

“See You on the Other Side” is a song co-written by Ozzy, longtime guitarist Zakk Wylde and the legendary Lemmy Kilmister of Motörhead. It was was one three singles released from Ozzmosis, the seventh solo studio album by Ozzy which came out in October of ’95.

It’s meaning is definitely open to interpretation, however it is most likely about the pain of death and the hope of being reunited with loved ones awaiting our arrival on the ‘other side’. In the song Ozzy could be making reference to his long deceased parents, his dear friend Randy Rhoads, or supposedly in an interview somewhere he claims to have written it about another friend that had recently died, comedian Sam Kinison. Then again, maybe hes even thinking about his own mortality in this one – it could honestly be lots of things. And I my friends am using it to say to you tonight that after 17 years of being air or working in radio, even though I am leaving I will still see you out there on the other side of the mic.

“Goodbye to Romance” (2010 guitar & vocal only mix) is from the 2011 Expanded Edition of Blizzard of Ozz, Ozzy’s debut solo album that was originally released September 1980. The song is about Ozzy’s split from Black Sabbath. After recording eight albums with them, he was fired after a nasty spat or disagreement with guitarist and co-founding member Tony Iommi. It was a very emotional time for Ozzy, as he had sunk deep into depression and substance abuse and was not sure whether he would be successful or not on his own. When in reality he ended up selling a lot more records as a solo artist than the version of Black Sabbath that carried on without him. And of course he also became an unlikely media mogul, with his own festival (Ozzfest), reality TV show star (The Osbournes) his very own column in Rolling Stone (“Ask Dr. Ozzy”) and of course his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and his induction finally into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame!

Now of course I am not saying I am gonna go off and do all of that but I am leaving here saying “Goodbye to the Romance of Radio” in order to move on and hopefully do bigger and better things in order to improve my own life. Because in the end, it’s all about that “Quality of Life” my friends. Thank you ALL, from the bottom of my heart for your support and for tuning in each weekend to BLOW IT OUT YOUR OZ. And just so you know, there is a really good chance I will be back doing just that. And if you would still like to hear it please hit up KILO and let ’em know! However at this time it is still being discussed or in the works. So until then, I’ll… See You On The Other Side!



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