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“TV Crimes” is a track from Dehumanizer, the sixteenth studio album by Black Sabbath, released in June of 1992. It was the first Sabbath studio album in over a decade to feature Ronnie James Dio on lead vocals and Vinny Appice on drums. It is also the first in nine years to feature original bassist Geezer Butler.

Originally, Sabbath’s drummer at the time, Cozy Powell was scheduled to play on the album, however during the rehearsals he was immobilized by a broken pelvic bone sustained in a bizarre horse riding accident. Dio then wanted to replace Powell with Simon Wright, from AC/DC and his own band, but Butler and Iommi rejected him. They instead recruited Vinny Appice, who had served as Sabbath’s drummer during most of Dio’s previous tenure with the band, from 1980–’82.

And it was a good move. Vinny’s steady bombastic beats and simple, effective fills energized his band mates, resulting in what many consider one of Sabbath’s heaviest albums both musically and lyrically. Themes on the album vary from a computer worshiped as a god, to televangelists, individualism and doubts about the afterlife. In my personal opinion this album is a classic-metal masterpiece! Ans it is by far one of their best with Dio on vocals. Yet, somehow this album still remains criminally underrated to most!

Sadly this incarnation of Sabbath ended again when Dio’s contract with the band ended several days before the Costa Mesa reunion shows in November 1992. While on tour for the album, the band told Dio that Sabbath would be opening up for Ozzy in L.A. as part of his original “No More Tours” farewell tour. According to Iommi, Dio quit because of this, referring to Ozzy as a “clown”! Judas Priest vocalist “The Metal God”, Rob Halford ended up filling in for the shows. Halford and Dio were close friends so Rob would only do the shows with Ronnie’s blessing, which he received when they spoke by phone.

Dio would not record or perform with the band again until 2006.

Dehumanizer is included in the Black Sabbath box set The Rules of Hell, a collection of all four albums from the Dio era of the band in remastered form.

“Let Me Hear You Scream”, is the lead single from Scream, Ozzy Osbourne’s, eleventh studio album released in June of 2010 and his last solo album to date. It was recorded in Ozzy’s home studio called “The Bunker” in Los Angeles, California and was produced by himself and Kevin Churko, best known for his work with Hellyeah, Papa Roach, Five Finger Death Punch, In This Moment, Gemini Syndrome, Kobra and the Lotus, Asking Alexandria and many more. They had previously worked together on Ozzy’s Black Rain in ’07. The album was commercially successful, reaching number 4 on the U.S. Billboard 200 chart and number 12 on the UK Albums Chart.

It is also the only Ozzy album to feature guitarist Gus G, who replaced long-term guitarist Zakk Wylde, who by the way, is currently back in the band for the “No More Tours 2” trek.

“Let Me Hear You Scream” hit number 1 on the US Mainstream Rock Tracks chart, which is Ozzy’s second single to achieve such a feat. And in a stunt to promote the album, at the LA Dodgers vs. LA Angels Major League Baseball game on June 12, 2010, Ozzy encouraged the crowd to scream the title of the album as loud as they could and for as long as possible. The goal was to earn the Guinness World Record for loudest and longest scream from a crowd, and it was a success! The stadium beat the previous record set by a group of Finnish Boy Scouts. All the money was donated to ThinkCure! to aid in cancer research.

CBS had also promoted “Let Me Hear You Scream” in their television show CSI: NY, as it was featured in the 6th-season episode titled “Redemption”.

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