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Sheriff Joe Bags took over KILO Nights in February of 2022. As a lifelong listener of 94.3, Joe has had dreams of being behind the mic since he was in elementary school and could regularly be seen in his garage as a kid with his purple Radio DJ toy pretending to be a KILO DJ.

With a passion for both rock/metal music and sports, Sheriff Joe Bags graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in 2020 which eventually led him into the media field and on-air at KILO.

In his time away from the KILO mic, Joe talks into a different microphone and does a weekly podcast that he started in 2016 that is more geared towards sports.

Joe is a life-long Rams fan and despite his record in his first Master of the Gridiron while working at KILO, loves to talk football with anyone who is willing.

Disturbed is Joe’s favorite band and that becomes abundantly clear when you hear how loud the studio gets at night when David Draiman starts making weird animal sounds.