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94.3 KILOs Top 30 Songs of 2013

KILOs Top 30 Songs of 2013 as voted on by the Rock Pannel

30.  Sick Puppies ‘Gunfight’

29. Rob Zombie ‘We’re An American Band’

28. A Perfect Circle ‘By And Down’

27. Bring Me The Horizon ‘Go To Hell For Heaven’s Sake’

26. Red Light King ‘Born To Rise’

25. Red ‘Perfect Life’

24. Alter Bridge ‘Addicted To Pain’

23. Rob Zombie ‘Dead City Radio And The New Gods Of Supertown’

22. Machinehead ‘Darkness Within’

21. Escape The Fate ‘You’re Insane’

20. Pop Evil ‘Deal With The Devil’

19. Black Sabbath ‘God Is Dead?’

18. Three Days Grace ‘Misery Loves My Company’

17. Pop Evil ‘Trenches’

16. Volbeat ‘The Hangman’s Bodycount’

15. Papa Roach ‘Where Did The Angels Go’

14. Hell Or Highwater Feat.  M. Shadows ‘Go Alone’

13. Devour The Day ‘Good Man’

12. Shinedown ‘Adrenaline’

11. 10 Years ‘Dancing With The Dead’

10. Slash Feat. Myles Kennedy ‘Anastasia’

9. Korn ‘Never Never’

8. In This Moment ‘Whore’

7. Stone Sour ‘Tired’

6. Sevendust ‘Decay’

5. Avenged Sevenfold ‘Hail To The King’

4. Stone Sour ‘Do Me A Favor’

3. Five Finger Death Punch ‘Battle Born’

2. In This Moment ‘Adrenalize’

And the Number 1 song of 2013 goes to (drum roll please)

1. Five Finger Death Punch Feat. Rob Halford ‘Lift Me Up’


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