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Thirty Five

It’s a long time… 3 and 1/2 decades. 12,775 days give-or-take a few. 35 years is enough time to be generational. KILO turned 35 yesterday.

Expect a year of reflection and celebration… To start, this week we’ll give-away the entire Van Halen library minus fake VH, an Avenged Sevenfold signed guitar, Stone Sour tickets with backstage passes, free beer, and a pair of sticks signed by Disturbed. And that’s all I can remember at this time…

My crystal balls show;

94-cent gas give-aways… Tickets to all the must-see shows… KILO Concert Fly-aways to the years must-see shows… Free tattoos… Free beer… Free cash… One-of-a-kind KILO memormilibia and swag… KILO band signed merch… Backstage passes to rub elbows with the bands…

and soon… KILO will announce the coolest give-away southern Colorado has ever heard or seen. Seriously.

9:43am. Let’s rock.


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