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11.11.11 11:11am

KILO’s 17th Annual “Stuff-The-Truck” started early this morning.

Here’s how I see it… We are always giving out cool s**t… Concert tickets, backstage passes, trips, cash, CD’s, dinners, lunch’s, etc.

We never take or ask for anything… Now we are.

Kilo’s 17th Annual “Stuff-The-Truck” helps less fortunate families during the holiday season. We’re at the King Soopers at Woodmen and Academy thru Sunday afternoon.

Here’s six different ways you can make a difference :

1) Bring some non-perishables from your kitchen.
2) Pick up a pre-stuffed $9.43 bag at the King Soopers entrance.
3) Pick up some items when your shopping for your own groceries.
4) Pick up a gift card at the register in any $ amount and we’ll do the shopping for you.
5) Write a check to The Salvation Army.
6) Hand over some coinage or cash and we’ll shop for you.

Over the years… I’ve seen children empty their piggy banks in front of us to help others and I’ve seen families that probably needed help themselves donate to help others. No excuses, bring us something.


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