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Bruce Wang

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9 things you need to know about Bruce Wang 

1. Favorite album – Metallica- Kill ‘Em All, Master of Puppets, Load and ReLoad… can’t pick just one

2. Favorite concert ever – Music as a Weapon Tour ’09 at the Fillmore

3. Favorite porn star – Angela White, or really any chick with an Australian or awesome accent

4. Things you collect – Zippo lighters, Graphic Novels, Cool Hats

5. First album you ever bought – The Offspring- Americana

6. Dream ride – 1966 Mustang Coupe or any kick ass motorcycle

7. Butt man? Boob man? Leg man? Why? – Butt, and I just can’t lie

8. If you weren’t a jock, what would you be doing? – Working on my Sign Language interpreting degree, or staking a claim on a river up in Alaska

9. Describe yourself in 9 word or less – Some men just want to watch the world ROCK!

Bruce Wang

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