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Who are you?

Here is a slightly modified survery similar to what I have answered on this site. Copy, paste and answer it so I  can find out who you are and what you dig!

1. Favorite album –

2. Favorite concert ever –

3. Favorite porn star –

4. Collects –

5. First album you ever bought –

6. Dream ride –

7. Favorite part of the opposite sex? Why? –

8. What’s your dream job? –

9. Describe yourself in 9 words –

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3 thoughts on “Who are you?

  1. Mike Hughey

    1. Favorite album – Tough one. Currently? Halestorm’s new EP (can’t wait for the full album!). Of all time? Definitely something powerful… Judas Priest’s “Screaming for Vengeance,” maybe.

    2. Favorite concert ever – Halestorm, Mohegan Sun Wolf Den, Uncasville, CT. Lzzy thanked me personally, by name, from the stage for traveling so far to be there (a bunch of fans had made a road-trip out of seeing them five times in five days) and for some promotional work I’d been doing for them, and Arejay wore my customized Halestorm top hat during their encore!

    3. Favorite porn star – Katie Morgan, the only porn star who’s ever made me interested in what she has to SAY, too.

    4. Collects – Concert memorabilia, dust, letters from creditors demanding I pay now or else.

    5. First album you ever bought – Queen’s “News of the World” on cassette.

    6. Dream ride – The Batmobile. Anybody who tells you different is either lying, or said the DeLorean from Back to the Future.

    7. Favorite part of the opposite sex? Why? – The brain. Yes, seriously. I like the other parts too, but those are only fun for a little while at a time. Being interesting and intelligent will hold my attention forever.

    8. What’s your dream job? – Music promotion. I’ve been plugging a couple of artists for free for the last few years and I still love doing it, getting paid would only make it better.

    9. Describe yourself in 9 words – Either much more or much less exciting than advertised.

  2. Lori Lupercio

    1. Any Staind 2. Staind 3. Any 4. Naughty toys 5. Staind 6. My G8 7. The penis. A beautiful thing, lol 8. Stay at home Mom 9. Loyal friend who always has your back through anything.

  3. Arlene weybright AKA Blu Eiz

    1) pink floyd dark side of the moon! 2) stephin wolf credence clear water revival and iron buterfly! 3)all lol 4)pictures n memories! 5)Nickelback never again! 6)I want to custom build my own harly of course! 7)Eiz beacuse they always show feelings and r the path to the soul! 8)Non profit grants, fundraising and loving helping others to change the world for the better! 9) True blu and always there for you never blu! peace


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