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9 thoughts on “What Would You Do For $450?…. AKA This Is What Happens When Your NFL Team Only Wins 1 Of The Last 11 Games.

  1. R Kelly

    Wait a second, hold up!!! you can get paid for that, and to think i’ve been doing it for free all these years.

  2. Bob

    For a chance to make my friends to cough up $450, sure. Why not? Plus did you see the size of that guy? I dare anyone to talk trash to him about that.

  3. electric mike

    You know what… he was only in it for about 1 second. Top the guy from the freak who sat in the port-a-potty for God knows how long. I bet it was %50 beer too. If anyone wants to start up a pot for me to top this guy. I will lower my head in slowly and blow bubbles in it but only if its over $1000, any takers? Sure i don’t top port-a-John but still.


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