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Thanks… (In A Weird Way)


Second time in less than two months that my truck has been pilfered thru. Thought I had locked it but apparantly not. I’m close to downtown and there’s an alley along the side of my house so I’m used to seeing street folk wander by the row of parked vehicles. Same “M.O.” as the first, he/she/they took their time as all the doors had been opened and all my stuff in the front and back had been went thru. I’m fortunate. No damage was done… No broken windows, no ripped-out stereo and no homeless-poop on the seats… For that I thank you!

Ross thinks a homeless orgy may have taken place in my whip but I didn’t see any evidence of that. Here’s what I did notice…

The first time he/she/they took the change in my ashtray, a Maglight flashlight and a beanie.

This time he/she/they took the change in my ashtray and my fire exstinguisher.

I hope the loose change buys you a hot meal. I hope the beanie keeps your head warm. I hope the Maglight shows you the way when it’s dark. And I hope the fire exstinguisher saves your cardboard shelter if it happens to catch on fire.

Obviously you need these items more than I do. Again, I’m just grateful that you didn’t break anything and for not leaving behind any of your body fluids.

It’s Friday… Time to move on…. Double-Shot today scores lunch for two at Johnny’s Navajo Hogan and braggin’ rights. Voice your Double-Shot request at or 633.KILO

One thought on “Thanks… (In A Weird Way)

  1. Jennifer Garcia

    For my double shot I have a double request idea.
    Five Finger or Seether. Thanks and have a Kilo day.


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